Your Next Employee

of the Month

Blue Collar. White Collar. Who cares? We know you. Your day’s not done until the job is done. You own the daily grind. When you punch the clock, it breaks. You deserve a jack that works as hard as you. Tora-Max offers no nonsense muscle at a no nonsense price. And these beasts don’t quit. They’ll keep lifting all day long. Drag that old equipment to the scrap heap.

Meet your next employee of the month. Tora-Max.

Budget Friendly Power. ‘Nuff Said.

You’re not a bells and whistles operation. Why would you want a bells and whistles electric pallet jack? Tora-Max gives you just what you need. Raw power and maneuverability. That’s it. And that’s all we charge you for. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Get the job done at a price that leaves a little extra for the weekend. One reason why Tora-Max is your next employee of the month.

No Nonsense Solution. Right. Now.

You need an electric pallet jack. Not two months from now. Right. Now. You can quickly have a Tora-Max electric walkie pallet jack in your operation. We know the job won’t wait, so you can’t afford to. Buy a Tora-Max and start moving heavy pallets ASAP.

Break Your Expectations. Not Your Back.

So, you have a manual pallet jack. Emphasis on manual. As in manual labor. You’ve got enough hard work to do. Let a Tora-Max electric walkie pallet jack do some of the heavy lifting for you. With a huge 4,000 lb. lifting capacity, this muscular machine will save your back without breaking the bank.